Our Team

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.”

– Rudyard Kipling (English writer)


The Africa Bound Safaris team, based in Africa, has been tailoring itineraries to suit our individual clients’ aspirations. Each journey is crafted with an emphasis on uniqueness of landscape, diversity of game, un – choreographed and authentic cultural opportunity along with overall variety of experiences. Accommodations are carefully handpicked for the best in each category, from truly ‘deluxe’ to charmingly rustic bush camps.

Our skills and expertise allow us to navigate the complex logistics of travel into the vast wilderness areas of sub – Saharan Africa. The passion for our land, its people and wildlife, as well as our dedication to their protection, inform every aspect of the adventures that you will embark on with us.


Fausto Carbone

Born in North Africa to Italian parents, Fausto Carbone moved to Zimbabwe, from the Congo with his family in 1974. After an early career in Civil Engineering, Fausto’s passion for wildlife and the bush led him to pursue a career in the safari industry. Working in many of Africa’s prime locations, Fausto’s experiences include camp management, guide training and ultimately becoming a much sought after professional independent guide.

For over 30 years he has led trips, including walking safaris, for individuals, families, and groups throughout Africa. As an accomplished photographer, his understanding of photographic technique, composition and light has given him the opportunity to lead professional photographic and television teams in Africa.

Josie Carbone

Josie’s interest in nature and wildlife began at an early age growing up on a farm in northern Zimbabwe. Endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic, Josie developed and managed several successful service businesses before aligning her strategic energies with her love of the bush.

Like Fausto she has experience in camp management, a critical factor in her understanding of the guest experience. For the past 15 years her values, rigor, operational prowess, and networking strengths have merged with Fausto’s unique skill set to bring this successful safari company to maturity. She continually visits destinations across the region and tests the services of local providers in order to keep her knowledge current and her resources varied. Josie brings the same level of passion and expertise to the shaping and execution of expedition particulars as Fausto does to the field experience.


Andy Smith

Andrew was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. After leaving school he pursued a career in the safari. Nineteen years later his passion for the bush and all things wild is stronger than ever.

Andrew started his career at Miombo Safari Camp and The Hide Safari Camp, During this training, Andrew built a strong foundational knowledge in Environmental Ethics, Flora and Fauna, tracking of big game on foot and even some Mechanics for the moments when things go wrong in camp.

Andrew obtained his full Zimbabwean Guides Licence in 2004. Andrew’s safaris are focused on ‘photographic stalking’. He mainly guides in Zimbabwe, but also has knowledge of neighboring countries.

Andrew’s guiding has taken him through various wildlife sanctuaries in the sub-region, but his passion lies in Mana Pools – his ‘home away from home’!

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